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UPDATED: November 30, 2018

Not majority but a lot of people nowadays use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers as their main electronic device or gadget, and desktop computers come at second, and you may be part of that statistics and right now, you may be reading this article at your smartphone.

The truth is, internet connectivity in our mobile devices have tremendously changed our lives in a more positive manner, you are now relying more on it in reading and responding to emails or keeping track of the hottest news and most especially connect with the people you know through social media. In fact, last 2016, it was the first time that the mobile internet has officially surpassed the desktop use with a massive difference of 51.2-per cent according to technology experts.

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With that in mind, mobile internet is now considered an important aspect in developing websites that are compatible and fully functional for mobile devices and in this article, we will convince you and change your perception about the importance of mobile-friendly websites and contents. This article is brought to us by website design uk.

· CREDIBLE TO MORE CUSTOMERS- It is a no-brainer that if your business develops a mobile-friendly version of your website, then you have a strong commitment to your customers and to your business no wonder you are very credible to them. In fact, this can also be a huge advantage for your business or group because it is more convenient for your customers and prospective customers to easily visit your website and access information about your business via their mobile device if they want to. This alone levels up the experience of everyone who is involved in your business.

· STANDARD PRACTICE- Since mobile internet surpassed desktop internet last 2016, it has a standard practice for many people around the world to use their mobile devices to access the internet, and having a responsive and mobile-friendly website gives you an edge over your competitors in the industry that you are venturing in. Responsive web-designing has become a trend for a lot of businesses nowadays because of its mobile optimization which is more straightforward and very accessible to everyone.

· FARTHER REACH- Through mobile-friendly sites that runs smoothly in mobile devices, you will be able to reach farther and more customer base up to everyone who is performing mobile searches. Much even better, customers will not have to look for the exact URL to access your website, all they need to do is type in your website’s address in the search box of their mobile browser which is far more convenient.

· ATTRACTS MORE CUSTOMERS- Every time a customer accesses your website, they will uncover new information, and details that showcase your product and service that is why for sure your sales, and number of customers or clients will surely increase dramatically because of their upscaled experience in accessing a fully-functional site smoothly via their smartphones.

· GOOGLE STANDARD- Google which is the main search engine that mobile device consumers use, it is a standard that there should be a mobile-friendly website version of a desktop site in order for everyone to access it smoothly.

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